Curriculum-ready programming

Tue 04 Apr, 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

This seminar is an informative session aimed at small to medium-sized collecting organisations seeking to develop innovative and effective educational programs based on their collections. This seminar will be led by an experienced educator and programmer, Michelle Fracaro, who will share her expertise and provide attendees with guidance on how to create effective, curriculum-linked education programs.

The seminar will cover a variety of topics, including:

  1. Understanding the role of museums and galleries in education: Participants will learn about the unique opportunities and challenges of using museum and gallery collections as a teaching tool, as well as the benefits of creating curriculum-linked education programs.

  2. Identifying learning outcomes: The seminar will provide attendees with tools and strategies to identify learning outcomes that align with local and national curriculums, and how to ensure that the program meets the needs of teachers and students.

  3. Developing educational resources: Participants will learn how to create educational resources that effectively engage students, such as lesson plans, activity sheets, and multimedia resources.

  4. Building relationships with schools: The seminar will emphasise the importance of building positive relationships with schools and teachers, and how to market and promote the program effectively.

  5. Ensuring program sustainability: Attendees will also learn about post-program evaluation and how to ensure program sustainability.

Attendees will leave the seminar with a deeper understanding of the educational opportunities available through their organisations, tools and techniques to create effective curriculum-linked programs, and a network of fellow museum and gallery professionals to help support them in their efforts to engage students in new and exciting ways.



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