Museum Accreditation Program (MAP) and Community Museum Accreditation Program (CMAP) participants

Use our online map to discover Victorian museums and galleries which are participants of the Museum Accreditation Program (MAP) and Community Museum Accreditation Prorgam (CMAP).

From historic homes to large state organisations, Indigenous keeping places, historical societies, and regional galleries, Accreditation Programs participants hold millions of stories from Victoria's past and myriad ideas for the future. Discover fascinating collections spanning natural history, art, science, cultural heritage, and more.

The map allows you to find museums near you or to search museums by region and/or keyword.

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Organisations on Victorian Collections

Victorian Collections is a free, web-based collections management system that allows cultural organisations to publish their records online. Hundreds of groups have contributed to its growing database of objects, creating a central portal to Victoria’s rich cultural heritage and diverse histories.

The website allows you to browse through thousands of objects and to search organisations by type or location.

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