INSITE / November 2016 - Jan 2017 / Security

The November 2016-January 2017 Security issue of INSITE looks at approaches to Security for collections and covers the Victorian Museum and Galleries Conference.

Cover Image: the open display cabinets and drawers at the Koorie Heritage Trust. The custom built visible storage display allows visitors to explore the drawers, and view the cabinets to discover artworks and objects from the collection.

Maryanne McCubbin (page 2)
Theft from Australian Museums: a historical perspective
With over 700 museums in Victoria alone, we have a vast trove of cultural heritage to protect. Maryanne McCubbin takes a historical view of thefts from collections.

Helen Walpole (page 3)
Shared Security: the National Sports Museum and the MCG
Being housed in an iconic location brings risks as well as rewards. Helen Walpole explains how a shared site affects security and related issues.

Caroline Carter (page 4)
Protecting Your Collections on Display
Addressing the security of items on display is part of a suite of strategies in collection management that integrate the elimination of risks with the general care of objects. Caroline Carter takes us through the risk assessment process at Museum Victoria that includes security as one of many potential threats.

Belinda Ensor (page 6)
Open House Melbourne
For one winter weekend each July, visitors are invited to step behind closed doors across the city, glimpsing rarely seen heritage, design, architecture, and infrastructure. Open House Melbourne is an excellent opportunity for smaller museums to welcome new audiences.

Seeing the Light: the Green Museum Project (page 7)
The Green Museum Project Manager has been running training workshops around Victoria on sustainable practices including reducing energy usage and cost, understanding the damaging effects of light, and using exhibition display cycles.

Roisin O’Dwyer (page 8)
Victorian Museum and Galleries Conference 2016
The 2016 Victorian Museums and Galleries Conference in Phillip Island was attended by museum people from small and large organisations who made good on the opportunity to talk to colleagues, listen to a range of speakers, build their networks, and visit local attractions.

Frances Paterson (page 10)
The Victorian Collections Veterans Heritage Project
Exciting things are happening in the Victorian Collections office. We are pleased to announce the Veterans Heritage Project, funded through the generous support of the Veterans Branch, Victorian Government.

Margaret Simpson (page 11)
The Bacchus Marsh Police Lock-Up
The Bacchus Marsh police lock-up has been on a journey from duty as a prison cell, through restoration, disaster and finally, a new home. Margaret Simpson shares the lock-up’s story and a perspective on conditions in these holding cells.

Apps & Online (page 13)
Is a subscription storytelling tool that creates design frames for online content creators. The site also has articles about creating content.

Adopt an object
The Design Museum in London is relocating and has used the move to fundraise in an interesting way. They are running an ‘adopt an object’ campaign that lets you watch your donation move your selected object closer to its new home. The new site is opening on 24 November 2016.

Teaching with Unique Collections
An University of Melbourne website featuring objects, books, manuscripts, and art from several collections, for the use of students and teachers.

newCardigan is a social and professional group based in Melbourne for people working in galleries, libraries, archives, and museums. They have a monthly ‘cardi party’ with a speaker and a ‘cardiCast’ podcast.

The Immigration Museum is seeking personal accounts of the experiences of migrants and their families to learn about the process of migration for a new exhibition about British migration to Australia from 1947-1982. Stories are collected through the online portal, Storyport.

Is a mobile app that uses your location for either a walking or audio tour. You can also create your own audio tour.



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