At the end of June 2020, AMaGA Victoria completed a two year project to create an online portal called the Key Document Scheme with generous funding from RE Ross Trust. You can catch a sneak preview of the video content created with the assistance of our Accreditation community, and creative partners Tiny Empire Collective and Mecca Medialight. 


The Museum Accreditation Program (MAP) is a peer review program which uses the National Standards for Museums and Galleries to provide a framework for museums, galleries, historical societies, heritage sites, and archives to achieve best practice across all aspects of operations and increase organisation profile.

MAP has been managed by AMaGA Victoria since 1993. The program is supported by a large number of Victorian museums and galleries, industry professionals, and volunteers.



In 2020, the MAP Managers commenced an in-depth review of the program, which coincided with a suspension of accreditation or reaccreditation visits due to health concerns regarding COVID-19. 

The review will continue over the course of 2021, with MAP Managers working to identify changes and develop new program content. MAP Managers are always available should you need guidance, resources or feedback. Please note, your Accreditation status will not change during this period.



  • Your organisation will meet the National Standards for Australian Museums and Galleries.
  • A framework to promote your organisation’s achievements to funding bodies, government and other supporters.
  • Access to templates, model documents, information, and support to help meet standards.
  • Constructive and positive feedback from industry peers through a written Accreditation report.
  • Participation in the network of museums and galleries associated with MAP.
  • Certificate of Accreditation signed by and received from the Minister for Creative Industries at the Victorian Museum Awards.
  • Promotional material including a media release, signage, and marketing collateral to highlight Accreditation status.
  • Inclusion onto the online geolocation-enabled map of Victoria’s Accredited Museums.
  • Sector recognition as an organisation working towards and achieving best practice in museum governance, policy development, legal requirements, collection management, and community engagement.
  • A quarterly e-newsletter with tips, sector news, notifications of policy changes and legal requirements.


For more information, please contact:
Caroline Wall
Amelia Marra

MAP is funded by Creative Victoria with additional project funding from the RE Ross Trust.