Mar 06, 2019

Introducing Sarah Morris

Sarah Morris

On behalf of the Victorian Branch Committee, we are pleased to announce that Sarah Morris has joined AMaGA Victoria this week in the role of Interim Executive Director.

Sarah brings over 20 years of experience in the Australian museums and galleries sector, across performing arts, visual arts, and social history institutions. She has worked with state collections, local government, and international cultural programs.

Most recently, she was part of the leadership team at the Australian Performing Arts Collection, Arts Centre Melbourne (ACM). She led the delivery of the Australian Music Vault - a $8.3m, three-year priority project for ACM, presented in collaboration with Creative Victoria and the Australian music industry. Previously, she was Acting Director and Exhibitions Coordinator for RMIT Gallery; and the consultant Curator and Exhibition Coordinator for Trepang: China & the Story of Macassan – Aboriginal Trade, presented at the Capital Museum, Beijing and the Melbourne Museum for Rio Tinto. Sarah is also a member of the Bayside Arts Board.

We are thrilled to have Sarah on board to oversee the branch operations and to lead us into strategic planning for our next chapter. Please join us in making her welcome.