Sep 30, 2019

Program Released for the 2019 Victorian Museums & Galleries Forum

2019 Victorian Museums and Galleries Forum Program cover

The Forum will be held on Tuesday 15 October 2019 at Deakin Downtown. Expect morning plenary sessions with keynote speakers sharing international best practice initiatives and programs responding to sustainability, health and wellbeing, and inclusive practice.

The afternoon will begin with a session on implementing the Indigenous Roadmap. Following this, five panellists will present lightning talks responding to topics of diversity and accessibility, the role ‘collections’ in museums play in the health and cultural strengthening of First People communities, and tacklling the topic of mental health and wellbeing through exhibitions and sustainability.

The program also includes a special lunchtime networking event for delegates based on the 'Healthy Museum' theme on the topics of sustainability, diversity, accessibility and collabaration to help meet like-minded people, get helpful hints, and make some great contacts.

The program is optimised for mobile reading so that we can reduce waste with printed material. (A print version of the day's program is available if you must.)

Join us afterwards for informal drinks at the nearby Bar Nacional to continue the conversation.
Bookings will close 8 October. Don't miss out!

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