Aug 15, 2018

The latest issue of INSITE magazine is out

Elizabeth Marsden, The Sovereign Hill Museums Association, talking with students at the Gold Museum about the artwork, 'Surviving on the Goldfields' by Marlene Gilson (2014).

This issue is on the theme ‘Ethics’ and features articles that explore the ethical issues facing collection custodians and, in some cases, challenge historical attitudes and underlying prejudices.

The August-October 2018 issue of INSITE magazine has arrived in members' mailboxes. 

The issue focuses on the theme ‘Ethics' and includes articles from:

  • Elizabeth Marsden (The Sovereign Hill Museums Association) on the educational program focussing on ethics
  • Kate MacNeill & Dr Barbara Bolt (University of Melbourne ) on art, ethics and institutional risk
  • Linda Peacock (Robert O’Hara Burke Museum) on addressing ethics and ownership
  • Alexis Arrowsmith on changing attitudes to human remains from war
  • Sarah Rood & Lucy Bracey (Way Back When Consulting Historians) on the ethics of oral history
  • Tom Freshwater (National Trust England, Wales & Northern Ireland) on the Prejudice & Pride program that explored LGBTQ heritage
  • Amanda Pagliarino (QAGOMA) on the AICCM’s Collection Environment Survey
  • Martin Warneke (Queenscliffe Maritime Museum) on the Marine Loo display at the Queenscliffe Maritime Museum
  • Elise Hearst (Multicultural Museums Victoria) on the launch of the MMV and the Grandmothers exhibition

The issue contains our regular columns including Museums News, Apps & Online, On the Move and Branch News.