Seminar, Monday 22 October 2012
Immigration Museum

The seminar included a practical label writing workshop as well as presentations on how to use new interpretation methods to make your display space more engaging, how to tackle writing labels for blockbuster exhibitions, the importance of understanding your audiences, and a case study of the interpretation used for the award winning Identity exhibition at the Immigration Museum.

Tim Rolfe, Museum Victoria
Overview of museum audiences and considerations for the label writing process
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John Kean, Independent Curator
Exhibition Structure: writing for a spatial experience
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Jonny Brownbill, Museum Victoria
QR Codes - What are they good for?

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David Demant, Museum Victoria
Hitting the audience where they really are 'Learning on the periphery'
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Martin Green, National Trust of Australia (Victoria)
Using new and old technologies to revitalise your museum space OR How to make your collections fun without spending any money
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