This Exhibition Venues Survey has been developed by the Exhibition Services Program for Museums Australia (Victoria).

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These fourteen questions will take approximately five minutes to complete. As thanks for your time we are giving away four book bundles on Exhibition Design to the value of $59 each: the PDF eBook, Exhibitions: a practical guide for small museums and galleries and the hardcopy, Exhibition Design for Galleries and Museums: an insider’s view.*

Information in this survey will be used by Museums Australia (Victoria) to improve our knowledge of your museum or gallery exhibition activities and needs. The data you provide will further assist us in planning relevant exhibition services for other museums and galleries in Victoria and will be a resource for museums and galleries that are looking for exhibitions to host and museum-standard venues that are available for touring exhibitions.

Summary outcomes from this survey will be available on the Museums Australia (Victoria) website later this year. The Survey closes on 5 August.

* Members of staff or any MA (Vic) Committees are not eligible to win prizes.